MarchforLife 2015

March for Life 2015

March for Life, January 22, Annually

The March for life provides us with the premier example of the use of Bias by Omission by ABC, NBC, and CBS and it happens every year. All because pro life issues do not conform to the liberal standard of what is newsworthy.

The March for Life is a rally held every year on January 22 in Washington DC. Pro lifers participate in this Rally every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to stand up for the unborn. The rally has been an annual event, since 1974, and is the longest contiguous protest rally in United States history. Depending on the year, weather, and may other variables, hundreds of thousands of people, from all over the world, show up for the March for Life, and its associated festivities.

For more information about the March for Life, and perhaps to attend next years March visit

One would think that tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands), of people braving bad weather marching in Washington DC would be a significant news story, requiring the attention of ABC, NBC, and CBS. But, traditionally the Left Stream “news” programs have used Bias by Omission to black out this event from their coverage. Contrast the March for Life coverage by ABC, NBC, and CBS with the coverage around similar events like Ferguson and you can easily see the use of Bias by Omission. It is downright hypocritical and dishonest.

In 2015 ABC, NBC, and CBS dissed hundreds of thousands of marchers with a pitiful 15 seconds of coverage. See this article at for complete details.

This year in anticipation of poor coverage by the media, a group attempted to influence ABC, NBC, and CBS by contacting the media before the event. TThe Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues did a media contact blitz at

Why does ABC, NBC, and CBS use Bias by Omission on the March for Life?

Because pro life and anti abortion causes do not fit the liberal progressive ideology. Therefor these events are blacked out intentionally, and/or favorable coverage is minimized. That is how Bias by Omission is used.

To protest and put an end to the practice of Bias by Omission by ABC, NBC, and CBS please join