About the Boycott Lists

Disclaimer: It is just as important to voice your disappointment in the company than to actually boycott their products. Make sure these manufacturers understand that you are considering using other products that do not support ABC, NBC, and CBS.  If you are taking or using any of the products on the boycott lists for health reasons or to improve the value of your life, please do not boycott those products. Always consult your Doctor before making a decision on Health issues.

  • Political ads are not being tracked

Mad As Hell Boycott collects and maintains four boycott lists:

TV ads are typically created in 15 second intervals. 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and even 120 second ads are bunched together during commercial breaks during the nightly news programs. The boycott collects and tabulates the last two weeks of ads for all three major network news programs, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. During any two week period, there are approximately 200 individual ads run from around 60 – 90 different advertisers. Each list is sorted and displayed in descending order with the Total Seconds the QTY (Number of times the ad was run during the last two weeks) with Product, Purpose, the Company and a web page.

The total quantity of advertisers and products for a two week period can be rather daunting to keep up with. For that reason we have put the advertisers that pay for the most advertising time at the top of all lists. The Companies at the top of the list pay the most and are the most important to focus on with your boycott. The advertisers that pay for their ads to be run during the news breaks essentially pay for that programs news time slot.

For those that do not have time to focus on all three lists, we have supplied “The Dirty Dozen Boycott List.” This list is the top 12 advertisers compiled from all three news programs for the last two weeks. To get on this list the Advertiser typically advertises on ALL three news programs, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Boycotting The Dirty Dozen provides the biggest bang for your boycotting dollar. If you only have time to boycott one advertiser, choose the #1 entry on the Dirty Dozen Boycott List.

The lists are updated once a week no later than Tuesday night.


Segments are often sponsored by Advertisers, for their sponsorship, the News program introduces the Sponsors product is a special intro section for the upcoming section. These sponsor segments are premium ad space and we want to take special notice of the advertisers that pay for sponsor ads.