MadAsHellBoycott has moved to StopMediaBiasNow.com

Same goals, same mission, just new and improved site. 

Why Mad As Hell Boycott?

  1.   We recognize that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and many other have formed a liberal cabal.
  2.   We recognize this MEDIA cabal, (A.K.A. the Goebbels) has a huge impact on public opinion.
  3.   We recognize that the MEDIA uses the corrupt practice of Bias by Omission, to spin all news to the left with the intent to influence public opinion.
  4.   We are asking the Advertisers to move their ads off of ABC, NBC, and CBS’s prime time national news hours.
  5.   So that when we purchase the advertisers products, our own money is not used by the TV news MEDIA to generate a disproportional amount of liberal  based propaganda that is against our conservative values.

 Mission Statement:

Mad as Hell Boycott.com’s intent is to remove political bias and political hypocrisy from the reporting in Prime Time News programs and return some level of balance and objectivity in the coverage of News events during the nightly news.

Under the guise of “reporting the news”, ABC News with David Muir, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holts, and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley are using Bias by Omission, to inject  a liberal bias into their reporting of news.

These news programs are intentionally using Bias by Omission in their news stories to sway public opinion towards their specific ideology. Americans EXPECT and DESERVE better from these entities that are purposefully deceiving the public.  This insidious practice must not be tolerated.  The use of bias by omission turns their news into biased propaganda that is far removed from the free speech the Founding Fathers intended to give the MEDIA.

The intent of the Mad As Hell Boycott is to remove partisan bias and hypocrisy from the prime time nightly news programs of ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Their policies put at risk the freedom we have been long assured by a free press. We are not ready to relinquish our freedom and neither should you. Help us put the truth back into our press.

When watching “News Programs” Americans expect and deserve unbiased “News coverage” without spin or hypocrisy. Without unbiased reporting, our democracy is in jeopardy.

We are Mad As Hell and this boycott is what we are going to do about it.

About Mad:

This site is produced and maintained by one person that is Mad As Hell and aint gonna take it anymore. I choose to stay as anonymous as possible because of threats that I have received. The site was conceptualized way back in 2008 during the Bush bashing years of the Main Stream MEDIA. I procrastinated through 2012 and MEDIA bias only got worse.

The first draft of the website went online in 2012, with the original idea that all members had to do was sign up to the boycott, and I could go to the advertisers on your behalf. That method just got Mad As Hell Boycott on a bunch of spam lists and it got harder and harder for  me to contact the advertisers, and easier and easier for them to ignore us.

In 2014 the site was opened up so that the members could send out their own petitions. To date, I have logged over 30,000 individual ads, from over 500 different products and companies.

Three things have limited the success of this site. One, is my lack of money to hire knowledgeable help, and two my inability to modify free software to make it do what we need it to do, and finally, my time to expand the site to where it needs to go.

God Bless you and thank you for your support.