Boycotted Advertisers


If you are on one of MadAsHellBoycotts boycott lists it is because you ran advertisements during the last two weeks on ABC, NBC, or CBS Evening News Program.

Current boycotted programs are:

  • ABC World News with David Muir (6:30-7:00 PST)
  • CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor (6:00-6:30 PST)
  • NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (5:30-6:00 PST) (M-F)
  • CNN  Anderson Cooper 360

These Main Steam “News” programs are no longer “Main” Stream. They are in fact, Left Stream. They have become biased to the left and are intentionally using bias by omission to mislead the viewers and support a Liberal Left leaning agenda. Bias by Omission is the practice of ignoring (blacking out) news stories that hurt a liberal cause, while simultaneously and hypocritically sensationalizing similar stories that hurt conservative causes. This is a very corrupt practice that these “News” organizations have slowly and almost imperceptive added to their broadcasts to influence public opinion. They collude to advance Liberal Causes and while smearing Conservative causes.

The corrupt practices are well documented by several watchdog organizations. For more information visit Media Research Center at

This practice is nothing less than propaganda and it is hurting our nation, unduly controlling public opinion, and robbing all of us of vital information to make decisions on.

The people that join Mad As Hell Boycott feel they must do something about this corrupt and unfair practice.  Most, if not all of us quit watching these corrupt News programs. But, simply not watching does not stop these programs from spreading what we now know is Liberal Progressive propaganda designed to lead the United States towards socialism.

We feel that purchasing of products that advertise on these offending news programs (ABC, NBC, and CBS)  supports the corruption. Our intention is not to hurt you or your brand, we simply do not want to support these corrupt practices.

Unfortunately, Mad As Hell Boycotters are thinking poorly about your products and services because any dollars spent on products that support those stations is used against them. We do not want our dollars used to support an unfair, left leaning media bias.

  1. Please move your ads to a different time slot on the same channel. Just off the NEWS programs listed above.
  2. Notify us that you have done so for immediate removal from the boycott list.
  3. Tell us that you have permanently removed your ads and we will put your ads on our HEROES page.

Advertisers will be automatically dropped from the list after two weeks of no advertising. And re-listed if the offending ad is run again.

Please contact Mad As Hell Boycott via our contact form with any questions or concerns.