Thank you for joining! Come back, make some noise, and bring your Friends!

2016 brings in a New Year, a New Website, with new capabilities, and a New Strategy and a renewed conviction to get er done. There are lots of new improvements in both looks and functionality of the website. We will be taking a new tact at this boycott. I need your help. Together 2016 will be the year Mad As Hell Boycott will make a difference.

Last Year:

My original idea on how this boycott was going to work was that you could join the boycott and I could go to the advertisers and get them to move by representing you. I envisioned that as the easiest and thus most enticing way for the boycotters and everybody would join.

Following that game plan, over 700 of you have joined Mad As Hell Boycott so far.

In turn, boycott lists were created for ABC, NBC, and CBS. I logged all the commercials for each day and tabulated the results for a rolling two week average. The boycott lists were updated once a week, no later than Tuesday night PST.

For any given two week period each News Program had approximately 150 ads per channel, from between 60 to 85 different advertisers. The grand total is approximately 450 ads on all three programs with a total of 120 unique advertisers.

Needless to say, to boycott them all would be a horrific task. So I created the Dirty Dozen, which is the top twelve advertisers off of all three programs over a two week period.

I have logged and tabulated over 14,000 individual ads, I have contacted over 500 manufacturers in your behalf. The net result is that the majority of the manufacturers have responded with form letters and no measurable action to move their ads. Don’t get me wrong, they are listening, but not reacting.

In short the advertisers find it just as easy to ignore my single unified voice as they do to ignore each of us independently by ourselves. I’ve come to realize that we are still a single voice and easy to ignore.

Me bad, this tactic has not worked. What we need to do is bombard the advertisers with all our voices with a single unified message. That would be YOUR voice.

2016 and Beyond: With your Help, WE will succeed.

I have learned that it is far more important for Mad As Hell Boycotters to tell the manufactures that you are Mad As Hell and what they can do to fix the problem, than to actually boycott the product. Don’t get me wrong, boycotting the product is important as well, but first and foremost, we must get the advertisers attention.
It is far better that the discontentment come from all of us then from the web site known as Mad As Hell Boycott. But, the voices must have a common message.

I created Mad As Hell Boycott because Liberals at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and others have joined a cabal. The entire group is practicing bias by omission to slat the national evening news with a liberal bias.

What I want is for the Advertisers to quit supporting these corrupt stations by moving their ads off the prime time news time slots. They can stay on ABC, NBC, and CBS, simply do not advertise during the nightly news programs.

Boycotting the products is important, but NOT as important as telling the advertisers what they are doing wrong and how to correct it.

In order to be heard, we must all contact the advertisers and voice your concerns. Last year proved that I can’t do it for you. That method is not working.

I am more than confident that our efforts will pay off. We will be heard, we will have an impact on the corrupt News organizations that spew liberal propaganda disguised as news.

Mad As Hell Boycott will be focusing on making it as easy as possible you guys to contact the advertisers and let them know of your boycott. There are multiple ways to contact the advertisers, contact forms, emails, twitter, facebook, telephone, snail mail, and more.

Each contact method is different, some can’t be automated. I have grown to dislike the web site contact forms. They are manual and are always hard to find, and in some cases, the only way I have found to contact the manufacturer.

New Web Site:

Mad as Hell Boycott has launched a new web site. Please let me know how you like it. The new site has new and more advanced features, giving us the ability to communicate better. It also has a new focus, I will be attempting to make it easier for you to contact the advertisers to let them know you are Mad As Hell.

New Petition System:

We have a new email petition option. The weak side of this is that we need email contact names at each of the companies to send the emails to.

Contacting your average advertiser is a lot harder than it should be. Fact is, they would rather you simply go out and purchase their products. Most corporations have contact pages on their web sites, but do not list email addresses anymore.

New Email System:

In order to facilitate communications, I have this fancy new email system. I am sensitive to your rights and desires to limit the amount of spam you receive and will do my very best to respect those wishes. As always every step has been made to keep your personal data secure. Please remember, you can easily opt out of the email blasts by using the link at the bottom of this email.

A New Approach:

We are taking a new tact this year. I need your help and support. Here is how you can help!

1. Visit the website once a week.
2. Send out Petitions to the Dirty Dozen and tell them you are Mad As Hell.
3. Get your friends to join.
4. Spread the word, via tweets, blogs, and emails.

A New Donation Page:

I resisted putting a donation page on the site because I didn’t want this Boycott to be like all other activists web sites. Always asking for money. I got to tell you that many people suggested a donation page, so here it is. Any little bit will help and is greatly appreciated. And that’s all I have to say about that….

Please leave comments and suggestions…

How often would you like the boycott lists updated?
How many advertisers per update do you want to contact?