Bias by Omission:

There are numerous forms of bias. So, why is Bias by Omission evil? Why is it so destructive? Why are ABC, NBC, CBS, and so many other liberal “News” organizations practicing Bias by Omission? What is the effect on our society? To answer some of these questions you have got to understand exactly what Bias by Omission is.

Bias by Omission, an explanation:

For the purpose of clarity, we will talk about liberal Bias by Omission, but Conservative Bias by Omission is just as bad.

Liberal Bias by Omission is the practice of ignoring all bad things about a liberal cause or person. When you ignore or black out the bad, all that is left is an unbalanced reporting of good things about liberalism.

While this is no doubt exactly what a liberal would want to hear, news stories and ideologies have both good and bad. When you leave out the bad, you are left with the sensationalizing of all things good about liberalism and the suppression of all things bad about liberalism.


Liberal Bias by Omission is practiced in its converse form simultaneously on the Conservative ideology.

Conversely, liberal Bias by Omission is ignoring all GOOD things about Conservatism. Leaving the sensationalizing of all things bad about Conservatism.

One-two Punch:

Practicing both simultaneously is kind of like a one-two punch.  When one ignores all things bad about liberal causes and politicians, and simultaneously ignores all things GOOD about Conservative causes and Politicians you end up with propaganda that sensationalizes liberal causes and propaganda that whacks conservative causes.

Examples Abound!

Liberal News agencies like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and so many others use Bias by Omission almost daily now. They no longer try to hide it. Here is just a small sample of news stories that the liberal media has used bias by Omission on.

Planned Parenthood
IRS/Lois Lerner scandals
Hillary’s Emails
Hillary’s Server
The March for Life Rally

Is Bias by Omission evil?  You Decide:

Generally, the viewers of ABC, NBC, CBS, and the liberal “news” programs are not aware that they are being fed propaganda. Viewers TRUST their news sources, and do not expect their news to be filtered. They believe the “news” is being presented unbiased. It is almost impossible when watching ONLY Liberal “News” stations to detect Bias by Omission.

ABC, NBC, and CBS report basically the same news events. They collude, and all practice bias by omission, ignoring events that hurt liberal ideologies and sensationalizing events that hurt Conservative causes. This practice is hypocritical and robs their viewers of valuable information of which they need to make informed decisions.

To top all things off, their stories tend to support and legitimatize each other. This is how the liberal media controls public opinion and sets the Nations narrative.

So, you decide, is practicing Bias by Omission evil?  Enter your comments below.