Why This Boycott?

Boycotts are a very powerful tool. They can be used for both good, and bad. People and Companies can get hurt.  It seems that Conservatives need a sound justification before they will use this powerful tool. And rightfully so.

Mad As Hell Boycott Justification:  

Mad As Hell Boycott is fighting the MEDIA’s use of Bias by Omission while creating their news stories.We are doing this because traditional boycotts of not watching these programs has had no impact on their behavior.

What is Bias by Omission?

Everybody is biased, but not everybody practices Bias by Omission.

Bias by Omission is the process of ignoring all things bad about your ideology and ignoring all things good about the competing ideology. Bias by Omission is the most insidious bias of them all because, those immersed in it don’t realize it is happening, the people that watch it are robbed of vital information which is required to make sound decisions, and  what is left is nothing more than propaganda.

Bias by Omission creates FAKE News!  

The left has perfected bias by omission.  They use it to unfairly and unjustly control public opinion, and the nations narrative.

Our Method:

We politely ask the advertisers to move their ads off of ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news programs. When enough companies do, the left will have to pay for their own propaganda.

The fact is, when a conservative purchases a product from a company, that company turns around and spends some of that conservatives money on one of these news programs, that conservatives money is being used to support the lefts propaganda machine.

That makes me Mad As Hell. And I am not going to take it anymore.


The site is run by one person, Mad. I have limited time and money. I chose Broadcast channels that run under the guise of “news programs.” This eliminated the Cable “news” and opinion programs. A guy only has so much time.

Each ½ hr news program is recorded and the commercials are logged for date, length, product, Company. The data is put into a spreadsheet and the last two weeks are tabulated for the website. Then the website is updated.

I chose to focus on the big three Broadcast “news” programs that are nationally televised.  NBC Nightly “News” with Lester Holt, CBS Evening “News” with Scott Pelley, and ABC World “News” Tonight with David Muir. All use bias by omission on a daily basis, all masquerades around as “News” programs.

Why not Fox News?

  1. Fox News is a cable Network,
  2. Fox News does NOT practice bias by omission as a rule of thumb. They really do report both the good and bad about stories.

 Final Observation:

The Left Stream MEDIA has formed a liberal progressive cabal (A.K.A. the Goebbels) , which has abandoned journalistic integrity and honesty to promote a liberal progressive ideology.

They no longer compete… They collude. They use bias by omission to ignore all things bad about liberal ideology and all things good about Conservative causes and Politicians. After Bias by Omission all that is left is Fake News or propaganda.

They do this because together they control public opinion and maybe even more important they control the nations narrative.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Our Founding Fathers, counted on a honest MEDIA with integrity. They never expected the MEDIA to give up their free speech to promote an ideology. The act of knowingly practicing bias by omission when reporting the news, is almost an act of treason to the American way.

Most Conservatives quit watching ABC, NBC, and CBS evening “news” long ago. That boycott has been ignored. Mad As Hell Boycott  will get their attention. As a minimum, the left will have to pay for his own propaganda.

Please consider joining Mad As Hell Boycott, and don’t forget to post your thoughts below.