The wording of our petitions is critical to the success of our boycott. To that end, the petition must:

  1. Clearly state why we created and support the boycott
  2. Provide justification of the boycott
  3. Clearly state what actions we want the boycotted to do.

I do not think my first attempt(s) at writing a petition adequately did any of the above. Below is yet another attempt at a petition letter.

Please review and make comments below.

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Revision 3/2/17 is the first revision. I incorporated several very good comments and hopefully made the petition better.



New Petition Revised 3/2/17


Very disappointed that (COMPANY) is advertising on the Nightly News Program time slots of ABC, NBC, and CBS who are practicing Bias by Omission in the creation of their “Fake News” stories.


I am very disappointed that (COMPANY) is advertising on the program news time slots of:

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.

All three “News” programs intentionally use the corrupt practice of Bias by Omission when generating their news stories.

Bias by Omission omits all bad things about their liberal progressive ideology and omits all good things about their opponent’s ideology (Conservatism). After the application of Bias by Omission, what is left is not NEWS it is a form of propaganda that leaves the viewers with only half the story. With only half the information, the viewers are left uneducated and unable to make sound decisions. Bias by Omission hurts and misleads all involved.

These news programs are intentionally using Bias by Omission in their news stories to sway public opinion towards their specific ideology. Americans EXPECT and DESERVE better from these entities that are purposefully deceiving the public.  This insidious practice must not be tolerated.  The use of Bias by Omission turns their news into biased propaganda that is far removed from the free speech the Founding Fathers intended to give the MEDIA.

The intent of the Mad As Hell Boycott is to remove partisan bias and hypocrisy from the prime time nightly news programs of ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Their policies put at risk the freedom we have been long assured by a free press. We are not ready to relinquish our freedom and neither should you. Help us put the truth back into our press.

I realize that your company has no say in the programming of the news, but you do have a say in what programs you support with your advertising dollars.

By running your ads on these corrupt program time slots, your advertising dollars are supporting their corrupt practice and intentional use of Bias by Omission.

I realize that every time I purchase your product, a small chunk of my money goes into keeping these corrupt news programs on the air. This makes me Mad As Hell, and it also makes me think poorly of your company and want to search for something else.

Please note that Mad As Hell Boycott membership numbers are growing. We draw from, and represent, the vast majority of Americans that realize something is wrong with the MEDIA. Bias by Omission is a source of FAKE NEWS. You will soon be losing more customers than gaining by advertising on these stations.

Please move your ads off the three time slots of NBC Nightly News 5:30-6:00 PM PST, CBS Evening News 6:00-6:30 PM PST, and ABC World News Tonight 6:30-7:00PM PST.

ANY other time slot will do on the same channel, please feel free to fill the other 23.5 hours of the day with your ads…

If you do this, we will remove your product from the boycott list. When the news organizations decide to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, we will stop the boycott.

For more information please visit

We realize that this email may not be directed to the appropriate person within your organization. Please forward this notice to the appropriate person. If you supply Mad As Hell Boycott with a more appropriate contact we will adjust our email petitions accordingly.


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FIRST EXAMPLE : 65 Examples of Bias by Omission.  This YouTube video that contains 65+ promises that 0bama gave to the American people, none of which 0bama followed through on. Now, the video actually contains 65+ examples of the MEDIA using Bias by Omission to ignore each statement by 0bama and giving 0bama a pass via the use of Bias by Omission. None of these statements were challenged by the MEDIA. Contrast that with how the MEDIA scrutinizes every comment by a Conservative President, and you will immediately see the Bias by Omission.

SECOND EXAMPLE:  The MEDIA continues to ignore the annual pro life March for Life rally in Washington DC. I will bet you didn’t know that the March of Life rally held in January each year is the LONGEST running protest in America’s history. Each year hundreds of thousands of pro life advocates gather together on the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade. Yet the MEDIA has consistently downplayed and often ignored the event.

THIRD EXAMPLE:  Bridgegate impacted many people at the time when Governor Chris Christy was running for office.  But a story that impacted far more people was the IRS scandal and the apparent use of the IRS to suppress conservatives.  In the first 2 Days ABC, NBC, CBS spent 88 Min on Bridgegate, while over a six month time frame they spent less than 2 min TOTAL on the IRS scandal targeting conservatives.  What do you think the MEDIA wanted the people to focus on?

FOURTH EXAMPLE:  The flurry of reporting around Donald Trump’s ties to Russia have garnished countless hours of coverage, yet the disclosures by WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundations DEALINGS with Russia have largely been ignored. INCLUDING the Clinton Foundations dealings with Russia.

FIFTH EXAMPLE:  Investigative Abortion Videos Reach 33 Million Views, Nets Still Ignore

Even though the YouTube videos exposing Planned Parenthoods scandalous practices around abortions has reached 33+million viewers, ABC, NBC, and CBS have used Bias by Omission to almost ignore them completely.


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