One Click Petition Solution

We are testing a new Email blast system.

OK folks, you asked for it, you got it.   A one step send all method of sending out petitions. It is the obvious solution to our time problems. But there is a cost.. Literally, this solution cost me money and to keep this up. , I am going to have to ask you for some money. So please make comments below and let me know if you guys would mind paying a dollar a month for this solution? Just $12 a year would inject more than enough money into Mad As Hell to keep it financially afloat.

Why do we need to send out petitions? 

Simply put, we are going to cut off the funding that the corrupt news stations get from advertising dollars.

Last Two Weeks 12/30/17 – 01/12/18

577 ads were placed

14,668 seconds of advertising

for a total of $58,672,000*

When you purchase products from the companies on our boycott lists a small chunk of your money is used to pay for the Fake News created by the Fake News programs on ABC, NBC, and CBS. I don’t know about you but that makes me Mad As Hell, and this is what we are doing about it. We are politely asking the advertisers to move their ads off these offending news programs. See the Boycott lists for a current list of whom you are sending a petition to. *assuming average of $60,000 per 15 second ad

What is new about this One Click Email Blast?

The one click email blast allows you to insert your name and email address once, When you hit send the system sends out one email to each advertiser on the boycott lists. It starts at the top, and goes to the bottom and does not stop until it is done.

There is one Email for the Sponsors and one for the Advertisers.

Please sign the petition to let us know that you sent out the one click petitions.


I used the one step 12/30 to 01/12/18


I sent my Petitions
with 1 step
12/30/17 to 01/12/18

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