Types of Bias in Television and Media

Biases in the Liberal Media:

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, print, and digital media, have formed an ideological liberal progressive news cabal. Together these stations control public opinion, and the Nations narrative. They will not and do not give Conservatives a fair chance, they will always and consistently give Liberals news coverage better than money can buy.

Liberal News Organizations use ALL forms of Bias, but the most insidiously bias they use is Bias by Omission. Bias by Omission gives Democrats and Liberal Progressive causes AND POLITICIANS an unfair and dishonest advantage over all other ideologies.

Bias by Omission:

Bias by Omission is the most insidious form of Media Bias. This practice simply leaves one political (Conservative) side out of the article or segment. After applying Bias by Omission, the “News Report” ends up being nothing more than a propaganda piece for that ideology, leaving the viewer without important facts about the subject. Those missing facts direct the unsuspecting viewer toward a conclusion they may not come to if they had all the information.

Bias by Omission can be done in two polar opposite ways.

The first, by omitting the parts of the stories that HURT the liberal cause, and simultaneously sensationalizing the parts and Politicians that HELP the Liberal Cause.

Or conversely:

By omitting parts and stories and Politicians that HELP the Conservative cause, and simultaneously sensationalizing stories and Politicians that HURT the conservative cause.

Typically, the left uses both versions simultaneously as kind of a one, two, punch. The end result is their segment is left with nothing more than liberal propaganda.

Examples of Bias by Omission:

Notice how ABC, NBC, and CBS rarely find anything negative to say about 0bama, and tend to dwell on and sensationalize everything good about 0bama. Conversely, notice how they RARELY find something good to say about a Conservative like, Romney, Palin, Walker, Cruz, Paul, Huckabee, ETC…., and can talk for hours about the negatives about any conservative political candidate.


Bias by Omission

Bias by Selection of Sources:

Bias by Selection of Sources happens when the TV Station includes more sources/experts/broadcast time that support Liberal views over conservative views. Sources are introduced using the phrases, “experts believe” or “observers say” or “most people believe.”

Examples of Bias by Selection of Sources:

Bias by Selection of Sources is easy to tabulate and detect. All one needs to do is count the number of points, counterpoints, and guests that represent Conservative points and Liberal Points. The bias will be obvious with the total.

Bias by Story Selection:

Bias by Story Selection is simply choosing stories that agree with the liberal agenda and completely blacking out stories that do not and/or actually hurt the liberal agenda.

Examples of Bias by Story Selection:

0bama’ and Hillary’s lies about the video were exposed by Fox News a solid two weeks before the 2012 re-election of 0bama. Fox is the ONLY one that covered the story. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, completely blacked out the story until well after 0bama was re-elected. AND when they finally did cover the story, well after 0bama was sworn in for his second term, they used bias by Omission and all other biases to minimize the public’s knowledge and understand as to the depth of 0bama and Hillary’s lies.

Bias by Story Placement:

News programs are well choreographed shows. The stories are laid out in order of importance. The first being the most important story, the end typically is the least important. Broadcasters know when their audience is paying the most attention and when their audience is fatigued. They place stories that they want to emphasize at the beginning, and stories the lesser valued stories behind.

Examples of Bias by Story Placement:

Notice where the broadcasters are placing Hillary email scandal stories. Notice the amount of time they are spending on those stories.

Personal Bias or Bias by Spin:

Spin and personal bias are introduced by the Reporters comments, body language, and interpretation of the events. Everybody is biased, the reporters, the writers, even the camera operators have personal bias. To expect a reporter to completely suppress their personal bias is just absurd. Never the less, there used to be an unwritten law, a standard of excellence, a Journalistic integrity that demanded that Reporters, Writers, and Program Editors used to TRY to balance the overall presentation for an un-biased final report.

Examples of Personal Bias and Spin:

Examples abound, but they are subtle, and hard to detect because of OUR own personal biases. Watch for reporters giving subjective comments about facts, or them making Liberal causes look better than Conservative causes.