Nonie Darwish the author of Wholly Different, Why I chose Biblical values over Islamic Values, gave a talk at our local Tea party meeting on 6/24/17. Nonie was born in Egypt and grew up with Islam as her religion, at the age of 30 she immigrated to America to marry a non-Muslin man, in fact a Christian. Her book uncovers her struggles and understanding of both religions.

I have got to tell you folks. Nonie inspired me. Here talk about the biblical differences between Islam and Christianity is a real eye opener. She has more courage than I have seen in most, and if you haven’t read her book, get a copy today. Her words, courage, and convictions will drive you from a great Christian to an Awesome one, a mediocre Christian to a great one, and a non-Christian to become a Christian.

She even gave mention to the role the MEDIA is playing in downplaying the threat of Islam in America for political purposes.

I was shocked to find out that Nonie Darwish was a member of Mad As Hell Boycott.She has granted me permission to copy the following out of her book. This is her short list of differences between Christianity and Islam.. For explanations of all the items on this list please purchase the book. It is available on Amazon.

Christianity Vs Islam

  1. We are All Sinners vs. They Are All Sinners
  2. Life Is Sacred vs. Death Is Worship
  3. Pleasing God vs. Pleasing Human Beings
  4. Judge the Sin and Not the Sinner vs. Judge the Sinner, Not the Sin
  5. Redemption from Sin vs. Immunity from Sin
  6. Guided by the Holy Spirit vs. Manipulated by Human Terror
  7. God the Redeemer vs. Allah the Humiliator
  8. Healing of Spirit, Body, and Soul vs. No Healing Is Needed
  9. Jesus Came to Save Us vs. We Have to Save Allah and Muhammad (and Muhammad’s) Reputation
  10. Jesus Died for Us vs. We Must Die for Allah
  11. Confession of Sin vs. Concealment of Sin
  12. At War with the Devil vs. at War with Flesh and Blood
  13. The Truth Will Set You Free vs. Lying Is an Obligation
  14. Trust vs. Distrust
  15. Faith vs. Submission

There were so many things that Nonie Darwish said that made my jaw drop, but the one that made my jaw hit the floor was when she explained that as a Christian, in order to obtain forgiveness you must accept God and ask for forgiveness. In Islam you must kill the enemies of Allah.

Get the book, you will not be sorry.

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