“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
—-Joseph Stalin


Do you know who counts the votes?

Currently, We the People of the United States believe that we have as a minimum a two party system. We trust that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and that the MEDIA is keeping all of them honest.

Remember just one election cycle ago, it was hard to tell the difference between Elite Republicans, Elite Democrats? It is obvious that the elite Democrats and the Elite MEDIA lean very hard to the left. It is not quite so obvious, but evidence shows that the Elite Republicans collude with the Elite Democrat politicians to keep power and control within their ranks.  This might explain why 0bama has gotten everything he needs and wants from a Republican controlled Congress.

It is entirely plausible that Elite Democrats, Elite MEDIA and Elite Republicans now collude; and have formed a shadow party that no longer serves the people but exists to control the people.  Is there any question that many politicians are greedy, and crave power and control.  Do you see examples of tyrannical laws and judicial tyranny that exist only to control the public, rather than serving the public?

Here is the conspiracy.

The ELITES (Democrats, Republicans, and MEDIA) ARE COUNTING THE VOTES!

This is how I believe it will be done….

Step 1:  Elite MEDIA use polls to call the election close.

The elite MEDIA controls public opinions, and through the use of polls, they set the public’s expectations… The MEDIA will say the polls predict a close race.

Throughout this election cycle, you will hear a steady drumbeat from the MEDIA about how close the results will be. The MEDIA will do everything possible to keep Hillary in the race. They will continue to use Bias by Omission to ignore all things bad about Hillary, and sensationalize all things bad about Trump.

The MEDIA’s job will be to make it plausible for Hillary to win. Perception is everything, the MEDIA must make the public believe that Hillary stands a chance, and the MEDIA will cover up, and ignore all negatives about Hillary, and sensationalize all Negatives about Trump to make it appear close.

Step 2:  “It is enough that the people know there was an election…. The people who cast the votes decide nothing…”

We the People will go to the polls and cast our votes. Througout the night the MEDIA will give us a play by play account of every precinct, every State, and report that it is close.Since the public’s expectations have been set for a close election nobody will be surprised.

But do we actually know who is counting the votes?

Step 3:  Their votes don’t matter; “it is the people who count the votes that decide everything.”

Behind the scenes the elites will not actually count the votes of the American People. Perhaps they will use the exit polling information, to  either stuff key ballot boxes.  And/or they will flat out lie to the MEDIA about the election results.  The Elites will use just enough manipulation so that when they count the votes their chosen one (Hillary) wins.

The Democrat Elites will say nothing. The Republican Elites will not contest. And the MEDIA will not report any inconsistencies..For all intents and purposes, this election will be exactly the same as predicted, and exactly how our expectations have been set. The only difference is, that none of the peoples votes mattered. Only the results reported by the MEDIA will matter.

Do we know who is counting the votes?  Can we trust them, should we trust them?

Step 4:  The Elites in the MEDIA will announce the coronation of Hillary Clinton. She will win 52% to 48%

The results will be close, exactly as our expectations have been set.  Close enough that the Republicans will go home thinking they need to try harder next time, and the Democrats will do a little happy dance, but NOBODY will question the results…

Because, of the steady drumbeat of MEDIA predictions of a close result,

If you think this cannot happen in the United States, ask yourself.

  • Do you know who counts the votes?
  • Can you trust the people that count the votes?
  • Is the MEDIA telling the truth right now or are they spinning stories to prop up one side?
  • Why are they going all in for Hillary with bias by omission?

This theory is not only plausible but probable. I see evidence every day that this fix is in.

None of this would be possible if the MEDIA was doing its job of being a Government watchdog. But, recent events have proven that the MEDIA has abandoned their “journalistic integrity” to promote a liberal ideology.

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Please post your comments below, plausible or not?  Is the fix in?