Do you see the liberal bias in mainstream news?

Does the News Sensationalize all the good things about liberal causes?

And then ignore the bad things about liberal causes?

Hypocritically do they ignore the good about Conservative causes?

And then Sensationalize the bad about Conservative causes?

Do you think that bias is unfair?

Liberals use bias by omission to control Public Opinion!

You can do something about Bias by Omission in the MEDIA.

Get Mad As Hell and Join the Boycott..

Stop liberal bias in mainstream media!
Boycott the Advertisers that support liberal bias in ABC, NBC, and CBS News Programs Now!

Mad as Hell Boycott is now !

Liberal Bias in the News:

  • Only Reports Negatives about Trump
  • Controls and Manipulates public Opinion!
  • Only holds Republicans/Conservatives accountable
  • Ignored Hillary’s lies.
  • Got Obama elected and re-elected!
  • Suppressed the Benghazi Scandal!
  • Downplayed scandals like IRS, VA Hospital, etc!

Get Inspired!

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All I really want is for this site to be successful. Please join, Please send out the petitions. Please keep in touch.

We know things are bad….

But there is something you can do about it!

Join this Boycott and send out some Petitions.

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