65+ Examples of Bias by Omission to create fake news.

While we can debate until the cows come home as to whether or not Barack 0bama told 65+ lies that are in this old YouTube video. We cannot deny that there are 65+ examples of the Main Stream MEDIA using bias by omission to cover them up.  I say 65+ examples of Bias by Omission because the MEDIA is also guilty of suppressing the 5 TRUTHS that are less than flattering

to 0bama and his administration.

Using Bias by Omission Creates Fake News:

Every one of these lies (comments) by 0bama deserved MEDIA scrutiny; every one of these comments went practically ignored by the by the Main Stream MEDIA, every one went virtually unchallenged.

So now that a Conservative is in office, why does the hypocritical MEDIA wish to scrutinize our Presidents comments now?

The answer is The Left Stream MEDIA continues to practice the unholy and corrupt practice of using Bias by Omission to create and write their news stories. They continue to ignore all things bad about the liberal progressive ideology, and ignore all things good about Conservative ideologies. What is left is the sensationalizing of all bad about Conservatives (what we are seeing today) and sensationalizing all things good about Liberal Progressive causes.

We have got to ask ourselves, does a MEDIA that consistently and purposefully practice the use of bias by omission deserve to be called MEDIA and treated with the same respect as unbiased MEDIA or should they be treated as Democrat Operatives in MEDIA clothing?

What is left after the use of bias by omission is fake news, or outright liberal progressive propaganda. 

Do you see the Liberal Bias in the News?  Do you recognize them sensationalizing all things good about Liberal Progressive causes? Does it bother you when they hypocritically sensationalize all things BAD about Conservative causes and People?

I don’t know about you guys but watching this video makes me Mad As Hell… To think that these same hypocrites at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc,   are actually claiming that they are doing their job when attempting to grill President Trump on what they consider newsworthy.

There is something we can do about it.  Join Mad As Hell Boycott and make your voice be heard.  Together we can stop the MEDIAs use of bias by omission in the generation of their news stories.