How the Petitions Work

How and Why this boycott works when Traditional boycotting haven’t?

Mad As Hell Boycott is MORE than just a boycott that boycotts the viewing of the TV program (Traditional Boycott). Almost everybody that joins the boycott quit viewing ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news a long time ago. If you are like me, you saw the bias and didn’t like the programming so you quit watching. I did years and years ago.

The problem with a traditional boycott is that the News Stations don’t care. They have placed a liberal ideology ABOVE the preferences of their viewers.

Mad As Hell Boycott is boycotting the products and services of the advertisers, not the viewing of the program. If 100,000 people join Mad As Hell Boycott, we will force all advertisers to stop spending money on the corrupt, biased Evening News programs and cut off their source of funding. This will erase the lefts hold on the media and end the media bias in the news.

If you haven’t already, please JOIN NOW! The more that join, the more impact the boycott will have and the faster it will work.

Mad As Hell Boycott works because we are not boycotting the viewing of the programs, which doesn’t work. We are boycotting the people that spend money that supports the production of the news programs. We are boycotting the ADVERTISERS that run ads during the evening news time slots, AND we are politely asking those advertisers to move their ads to a different time slot so that they can be removed from our boycott lists.

Simply put, we plan on cutting off their source of money.

News programs are in the business of making money. They make that money through selling ad space during their programs. The Advertises purchase that ad space to get their products and services in front of YOUR face.

Simply boycotting or not watching the News program is not going to work. The Networks wouldn’t even know you were not watching. Mad as Hell Boycotter’s will be boycotting the advertisers and their products and services that support the news programs.

Mad As Hell Boycott targets the money. Specifically, the programs source of income, the advertisers. We are boycotting the products and services that pay for advertising space on these news channels. Through the Advertisers injection of money these “news” programs are allowed to stay on the air and spread their propaganda.

Follow The Traditional Money Trail:

  1. Advertiser purchases Ad space on News Program
  2. News Program Runs Ad and and uses money to Spreads Liberal Bias
  3. People see the Ad and purchase the products
  4. Advertiser uses that money to purchase more Ads


We are Mad As Hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

We are going to Break the Cycle:

  1. Advertiser purchases Ad space on News Program
  2. News Program Runs Ad and Spreads Liberal Bias
  3. Mad As Hell Boycott Records the Ads and creates Boycott Lists (Nobody purchases any products) (breaking the cycle)
  4. Mad As Hell Boycott sends the Advertiser a notice informing them of the Boycott. With a polite request for the Advertiser move their ad to a different time slot
  5. Advertiser moves ad to a different time slot and they are removed from boycott list
  6. News programs will change their content to a more balanced reporting of the news, to get the advertisers back. The Ad money is the News Programs PRIMARY source of funding. If they do not sell ad space, the program will run out of money and be cancelled.

Boycott Lists:

Every day during the prime time News, will log all advertisers, tabulate and publish the Boycott lists. The Boycott lists will be updated weekly by Tuesday night and will contain the last 2 weeks of data. We will obtain as much contact information as can be obtained.

The list will be maintained for the past two weeks. Once a week the list will be broadcasted to MadAsHellBoycotters. (MAHBers) will attempt to politely notify each advertiser of the Boycott, the reason for the boycott and that their product is being negatively viewed by the supporters of will ask the ad advertiser to move their advertising to a different time slot as to not support the biased, election corrupting News agency.

Please check the boycott lists weekly for updates.