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Your product(s) appear on one or more Boycott lists at MadAsHellBoycott.com. Please support our cause of removing political bias by omission from the evening news programs by moving your ads off of ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news time slots. For more information please visit www.madashellboycott.com



AllState Insurance

Parent Company:

Allstate Insurance Company

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    • Please move their ads to a different time slot, on the same channel.
    • We want the news to be presented fairly, without Bias by Omission.

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AllState Insurance

AllState, You're in good hands

Parent Company:
Allstate Insurance Company

Total times the ad was run:       3

Total time in seconds: 90

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Mailing Address

Company:   Allstate Insurance Company

add1: 110877 White Rock Rd #300

add 2: 

City, St  Zip:  Cordova,  CA   95670


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