CBS Advertisers list

Disclaimer: It is just as important to voice your disappointment in the company than to actually boycott their products. Make sure these manufacturers understand that you are considering using other products that do not support ABC, NBC, and CBS.  If you are taking or using any of the products on the boycott lists for health reasons or to improve the value of your life, please do not boycott those products. Always consult your Doctor before making a decision on Health issues.

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The CBS Advertisers list below contains products and services that purchased advertising time on:

  • CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (6:00-6:30 pm, PST).

* List contains advertisers for the last two weeks.

CBS Advertisers List:   11/18/17 – 12/01/17

CBSTot SecQtyProductPurposeCompanyContact page
14207LinzessConstipation one a day pill, laxativeAllerganContact Page 12
23604XARELTOPerc. Blood Thinner, reduced risk of clotsJanssenContact Page 11
32404HumiraRheumatoid Arthritis MedicineAbbVie Inc.Contact Page 13
421013SolonPasPain Relief patchesHisamitsu America, IncContact Page 19
51806Medicare.GovMedicare Open EnrollmentOfficial US Government Medicare SiteContact Page 35
61806WeatherTechWeather Tech custom car floor matsMacNeil Automotive Products LimitedContact Page 16
71803Farxigatype 2 Diabetes PillsAstraZenecaContact Page 15
81657Aleve, Aleve PMPain Relief MedicineBayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 14
91505Prudential InsuranceRetirement, Investment, InsurancePrudential FinancialContact Page 20
101359Alka Seltzer ProductsAlka Seltzer Chews, Cold & Flu, for Heartburn and ColdsBayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 25
111202Prevnar 13Pneumococcal pneumonia injection medicationPfizerContact Page 22
12903Bank Of AmericaBanking, Credit, Loans, Investment servicesBank of AmericaContact Page 18
13903Consumer CellularCell phone service providerConsumer CellularContact Page 30
14901JardianceType 2 Diabetes MedicineBoehringer IngelheimContact Page 31
15901KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab)KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab), skin cancer treatmentMERCKContact Page 24
16901OPDIVOOPDIVO Nivolumab, Medicine for Lung CancerBristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 61
17604PrevagenPrevagen, Memory CapsulesQuincy BioscienceContact Page 41
18603Liberty MutualLiberty Mutual, Auto, Home, Life InsuranceLiberty Mutual GroupContact Page 28
19602Farmers InsuranceFarmers Insurance and educationFarmers InsuranceContact Page 34
20602United Health Care InsuranceAARP Medicare supplemental insuranceUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.Contact Page 39
21601ANOROCOPD prescription medicineGSKContact Page 74
22601EliquisEliquis Reduces risk of Heart Attack and StrokeBristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 21
23601NeulastaAnti Infection drug for Chomotherapy patientsAMGENContact Page 27
24601Trintellix VortioxetineDepression drug, used to treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)TakedaContact Page 57
25453Advil , Advil PMPain Relief MedicinePfizerContact Page 44
26453Beneful Dog FoodDog and Cat Food productsPurinaContact Page 78
27453Depend UnderwearDepend bladder protection underwearKimberly-Clark brandsContact Page 63
28453EnsureEnsure, Original, Active, Plus, Complete, Protein DrinksAbbott LaboratoriesContact Page 45
29453POM, energy drinkPOM, Pomergranate energy drinkThe Wonderful CompanyContact Page 46
30453T Rowe PriceT Rowe Price Investment CounselorsT. Rowe PriceContact Page 48
31452CrestCrest teeth cleaning productsProcter & GambleContact Page 42
32452MattressFirmMattressFirm, Tempur-Peduc betsMattressFIRMContact Page 64
33302Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestryAncestry Inc.Contact Page 49
34302Coricidin HBPCold medicine for High Blood PressureBayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 79
35302EgglandsEggLands Best EggsEggland's Best, LLCContact Page 86
36302Nexium 24Purple pill, Acid Reflux MedicationAstraZenecaContact Page 67
37301BioteneDry Mouth productsGSKContact Page 50
38301Brighthouse FinancialAnnuity & Life Insurance from Meta LifeBrighthouse FinancialContact Page 32
39301ChubbChubb Insurance companyChubbContact Page 68
40301MASS MutualFinancial Group, Insurance, RetirementMassachusetts Mutual Life Insurance CompanyContact Page 71
41301McDonald's RestaurantsMcD's Fast FoodsMcDonald's CorporationContact Page 54
42301MucinexExpectorant and Cough SuppressantReckitt BenckiserContact Page 83
43301Oral BOral B ToothbrushesProcter & GambleContact Page 72
44301PolidentDenture cleanser that kills bacteriaGSKContact Page 84
45151Meta ProductsAlign Probiotic supplementProcter & GambleContact Page 76
46151Bayer ProductsBayer Aspirin, Bayer Back, Bayer Pro (Omega 3)Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 77
47151Dr. Scholl'sDr. Scholl's® Orthotic Inserts, Massagin Gel InsolesBayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 51
48151Edward JonesMaking Sense of InvestingEdward JonesContact Page 103
49151HalosHalos Mandarin oranges andThe Wonderful CompanyContact Page 65
50151Head and ShouldersDandruff ShampooProcter & GambleContact Page 66
51151Non 24VANDA, Non 24 help line, Sleep help for the BlindVANDA Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 88
52151RobitussinCough MedicinePfizerContact Page 47
53151YMCAYMCA, Youth Development, Excersise ProgramsYMCAContact Page 111
54151ZZZQuilSleep Aid, non habit formingProcter & GambleContact Page 90
5522Sponsor WeatherTechWeather Tech custom car floor matsMacNeil Automotive Products LimitedContact Page 1
5611Sponsor Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestryAncestry Inc.Contact Page 2
5711Sponsor Farmers InsuranceFarmers Insurance and educationFarmers InsuranceContact Page 7
5811Sponsor Liberty MutualLiberty Mutual, Auto, Home, Life InsuranceLiberty Mutual GroupContact Page 4
5911Sponsor MASS MutualFinancial Group, Insurance, RetirementMassachusetts Mutual Life Insurance CompanyContact Page 8

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Total number of Seconds that the ad was run (indicates how much money the Company has paid to the TV Station.
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