This site is being blacklisted and censored.

If you do not take steps to put the domain on your spam safe senders list, in all probability you will not receive emails from this site. You will not even see them. They are going down the blacklist hole..

Who will not get emails…

Gmail, yahoo, and just about all email service providers use blacklists to automatically catch spam. McAffee, and other virus checkers have their own lists as well. Apparently it is easy to get on the lists and hard to get off the lists.

Form of Censorship:

Apparently some very high level people (ABC, NBC, and CBS) do not want this site to be successful, and they know people who know people. They can put us on lists faster than we can get off them. This is a form of censorship, and is being done so that the people on this site can not organize and communicate.

Put this site on your safe senders lists:

We are doing everything we can to keep of the blacklists as the reasons they are putting us on the blacklists is not because we spam anybody.  We don’t.  The only way you will get updates from is if you have asked for them.

If you want to receive emails from Mad As Hell Boycott, please put the domain and on your safe senders lists.